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About A-Z

A-Z is a series of thrilling stories from the freshest names in dark fiction. Served up as individual tales, they are free to subscribers of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited package, and at Amazon's minimum price for non-subscribers.

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Anniversary Dinner, by Shaun Hupp

Jim and Kristen are happily married. On the eve of their anniversary, Jim plans a special dinner for the couple, pulling out all the stops to ensure the evening is as romantic as possible. All is going well, until they have an unexpected visitor…


Brazen, by Matt Hickman

Karen works the pole in an exclusive strip joint, where a VIP area like no other satisfies the needs of the most discerning of customers. Noticing a client fixed on her performance, she joins him in one of the private rooms, where depraved needs are met and forbidden desires made real.

Caravan, by Andrew Lennon

Matt and Frankie are best friends, blood brothers, inseparable, and when Frankie discovers an abandoned caravan in the woods, their wildest teenage dreams come true. They make it their home from home, their secret hideaway, a true solace from the world around them.
However, it's not long until Frankie starts to act rather strange, becoming distant and aggressive, obsessed with their second home, and when he brings an unexpected visitor to the caravan, it tests their friendship like never before.

Downward Spiral, by Gary Pearson

Joel Baker's life has just imploded. His girlfriend left him, he has been fired for an innocent mistake, and he has lost his home. At every turn, he is made to feel like a nobody, but not today. Today he is going to be a somebody. Soon, the world will know the name Joel Baker, and after the events of this tragic day, they will never, ever forget him.


Exposed, by David Owain Hughes

Kenny considers himself many things; a family man, a husband, a father.
And a voyeur. 
However, he doesn't have control over his urges, a perversion that once threatened to destroy his life. 
And when he revisits the obsession in a moment of weakness, he discovers it could change his life once and for all.

Frailty, by Erin R, Britt

When Anita Lewis heads to the local supermarket, she is expecting nothing more than a routine shopping trip.
However, the attention of a concerned police officer is about to change her life forever...



Glovebox, by Michael Bray

When his girlfriend leaves him, Jens decides to pay a visit to her new home, in a final attempt to mend their fragile relationship. 
Tortured and regretful, he hires a taxi for the awkward journey, but during a sinister conversation with the driver, Jens realises that the ride might just be his last.

Latest release in the series:

Hard Man, by Jack Rollins

Ruling the dark underworld of Tilwick is no easy feat, but Eddie Garfield does so with brutal efficiency. 
For sixty years, he has abided by two simple rules, rules that have painted the cobbles with splattered blood and broken teeth, and forged an impressive legacy.

But sixty years is a long time ... people are becoming restless; the criminal young bloods are ambitious and hungry to take their slice of the pie, and they'll do anything to obtain it.

Even if it means taking down one of their own...

Hard Man takes place in the mysterious town of Tilwick, where the demon Mammon is worshipped as a god. The town featured in Rollins' story 'Home, Sweet Home' (Kill For A Copy, Dark Chapter Press), and will soon provide the chilling backdrop for his long-awaited novel, Carsun.

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