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New Release! The Westfield Orphan, by David Basnett

Born to a privileged, upper-class family whom he saw murdered as a boy, the Westfield Orphan has attained a near-mythical status in the slums and with the poor of Victorian London. He is drawn back to the streets by the latest fad of upper-class slumming where fellows of good standing dress down to mingle with the less fortunate for entertainment. Following the brutal death of a prostitute outside a gin palace, he sets out to hunt down the white beast that has been unleashed on the streets and the shadowy organisation behind the attack.

CUSTOMERS NOTE - This is a horror novella of approximately 22k words and part of the Dark Chapter Press Unlimited range so it is intended for Amazon Kindle Unlimited customers, who can download these shorter titles as part of their subscription at no extra cost. For other customers, it has been priced accordingly at a lower than price than our novels and anthologies.

Established book reviewer Maxine Groves has posted a review of The Westfield Orphan today, and you can read that by clicking here.