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New Release: Judicator, by Justin Hunter

Hot on the heels of last week's release of Alice J. Black's Imprisoned, comes the latest release in the Dark Chapter Press A-Z series: Judicator, by Justin Hunter.

A nuclear bunker: A defensive fortification, military or otherwise, that is designed to protect small pockets of humanity from falling nuclear bombs or similar, catastrophic attacks. Some are government issue, some are homemade, but most are never used.
Bunkers are a symbol of hope, a way to protect the lineage of the human race, and are designed to offer a safe refuge to people should the unexpected occur. 
Nuclear war, after all, is very unlikely. Governments have numerous treaty’s in place, strict rules to abide by, masses of red tape. It can never happen to the everyday person.

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Judicator, by Justin Hunter

Judicator, by Justin Hunter