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New Release! A-Z: H - Hard Man, by Jack Rollins

Ruling the dark underworld of Tilwick is no easy feat, but Eddie Garfield does so with brutal efficiency. 
For sixty years, he has abided by two simple rules, rules that have painted the cobbles with splattered blood and broken teeth, and forged an impressive legacy.

But sixty years is a long time ... people are becoming restless; the criminal young bloods are ambitious and hungry to take their slice of the pie, and they'll do anything to obtain it.

Even if it means taking down one of their own...

Hard Man takes place in the mysterious town of Tilwick, where the demon Mammon is worshipped as a god. The town featured in Rollins' story 'Home, Sweet Home' (Kill For A Copy, Dark Chapter Press), and will soon provide the chilling backdrop for his long-awaited novel, Carsun.

Cover art for Hard Man, by Jack Rollins. Dark Chapter Press's latest release.

Hard Man is Rollins' first solo release since Tread Gently Amidst The Barrows and is the latest release in the thrilling Dark Chapter Press A-Z series.