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The Bearers of Bad Dreams

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De Omori, Rollins and Basnett

De Omori: An organisation that works for governments across the world to keep beasts from escaping from the Island where they have been kept for centuries. The Island. But nobody’s perfect and from time to time one might escape. If you track these escapes, you will probably notice a link to the increase of reports of vampirism, zombification and brutal deaths.

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New Release! A-Z: H - Hard Man, by Jack Rollins

Ruling the dark underworld of Tilwick is no easy feat, but Eddie Garfield does so with brutal efficiency. 
For sixty years, he has abided by two simple rules, rules that have painted the cobbles with splattered blood and broken teeth, and forged an impressive legacy.

But sixty years is a long time ... people are becoming restless; the criminal young bloods are ambitious and hungry to take their slice of the pie, and they'll do anything to obtain it.

Even if it means taking down one of their own...

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New Release! The Westfield Orphan, by David Basnett

Born to a privileged, upper-class family whom he saw murdered as a boy, the Westfield Orphan has attained a near mythical status in the slums and with the poor of Victorian London. He is drawn back to the streets by the latest fad of upper-class slumming where fellows of good standing dress down to mingle with the less fortunate for entertainment. Following the brutal death of a prostitute outside a gin palace, he sets out to hunt down the white beast that has been unleashed on the streets and the shadowy organisation behind the attack.

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